UXO Health Insurance

by Jeff Stevens (Shaggy from Sigonella)
(Williamsburg, VA)

Hi, Steve. I'd like to know if health insurance is offered by most (or all) UXO companies. I suppose if you work for different companies trying to get different gigs every few months, then health insurance with them probably isn't worth it. Is it better to try and get insured on your own?

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May 26, 2011
Health Insurance for UXO
by: Steve Cassidy


Great hearing from you and thanks for the question!

Basically, there are a couple of ways to be hired to do UXO work. One is as a full time employee like what Shaw usually does.

If you're hired by them you're eligible for health, life, disability, 401k, etc.

The other companies, you're hired as a contract employee. Still a W2 employee but only for the duration of the job that you're hired on for.

Folks in this category receive Benefits in Kind which is $3.15 per hour for your first 40 hours per week. It drops off after that.

So if you're working 40 hours per week, it's an additional $120 for you to purchase the insurance you need. Not sure if $120 covers insurance but it's yours to spend how you see fit.

Fortunately, (I guess) I have VA benefits for health coverage so I just put it in my pocket.

Hope this answers your question.

Because your question was published, I'm entering giving you 6 entries into the drawing to win a seat at the UXO school at TEEX. 1 entry for sending it in and 5 more for having it published.

Steve Cassidy

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