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by Greg


This a comment from a thread...is there any validity to this? Before I gamble my entire life on a new career?

Many many thanks...

"Now my opinion about the UXO T1 position overall. The UXO T1 field is strangling itself to a slow death. While the schools are good, there are TOO MANY of them and they are pumping out way too many UXO Tech 1's. The UXO Database now has over 3000 names on it...75% (or more) are UXO Tech 1 school grads. I would guess that 75% of them are unemployed.

These schools cannot guarantee anything other than the fact they will cash your tuition check and you will get trained.

If they promise you placement, I can assure you they have broken their promise before the check clears.

If you do not know someone in the UXO field who can "get you in", already work for a company which does UXO work, or have some other way in without relying on a school for placement....deliver pizza instead. "

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Mar 03, 2013
UXO opinions vs facts
by: Steve Cassidy


Thank you for submitting a section of a thread discussing UXO Tech I employment.

Any time I hear an opinion or statement of fact, I like to step away from it to get a better view.

I appreciate your concern about you gambling your life on a new career but I really want to discuss that statement with you in another thread.

"Now my opinion about the UXO Tech I..."

Opinions are like a** holes! Everyone has one! I'm not sure who the author is and quite honestly, I doubt he's an EOD or UXO Tech. His alternate position is to "deliver pizzas" rather than go to UXO School.

I'm tempted to slam this guy but it doesn't serve you.

I only recommend TEEX UXO school. I only recommend them for 1 reason and 1 reason only.

They're the best UXO School. I receive zero, notta, zilch, dollars from TEEX. For every so many people that attend TEEX and tell them that they heard about it from me, I get a free seat to give away to you, the readers.

I was telling folks to go to TEEX long before I came up with the idea to give a seat away.

"These schools cannot guarantee anything other than the fact they will cash your tuition check and you will get trained."

What university guarantees their graduates jobs?

That's right. There isn't one. Not a single university that I know of and they're charging $40,000 a year. That's $160,000 to $200,000 in student loans to maybe make $30-$40,000 a year!

Let's flip that upside down! If you spent $40,000 to make $160,000 a year, you'd be considered a genius!

Cut your investment and payoff to one-fourth for a total of $10,000 and make $40,000! Again, a pretty good deal!

Spend $10,000 on UXO school to make a six figure income! I showed you how here on this site. Did you miss that page? It's right here.

Of all the unemployed UXO Techs, how many are truly spending their work week finding the next contract, reading up and studying UXO in their off time and totally committing to their community? Not many.

If it makes you feel better, I know guys with MBA's and law degrees that hate their jobs and are looking for work.

Place blame where it belongs. It's the schools. Not the colleges. It's the elementary, Junior High and High Schools.

They don't teach goal setting and how to be and achieve what God put you on the planet to do.

No worries, I covered that right here.

I hope this helps you decide. Decide to live your dreams and not let someone steal your dreams.

UXO isn't the end game but it will help you achieve those goals you're getting ready to work on right now!

Mar 04, 2013
UXO Rumors Facts Strategy
by: Greg

Thank you so much for your reply. I assumed as much and appreciate your motivation and candor.

All the best!


Apr 11, 2013
Uxo school
by: Uxo wife

What you read on that thread was correct. UXO schools are pumping out tech ones like crazy and there are far more tech ones then their are jobs.

My husband was lucky enough to go to uxo school 3 years ago and gets promoted to tech 2 tomorrow actually, but there is no way he would go to UXO school now.

There is someone my husband works with who is on his first UXO job out of school right now and out of his entire UXO class only 2 people have been able to find work in the UXO field.

You really need to know people in this field as a tech one to get any jobs. There are some good job websites (UXO Buddies on Facebook is a good one) but most jobs come from word of mouth.

I will say that the first job is the hardest to get, no one wants to hire a tech one right out of school. Once you can get the first job out of the way it does get easier. I would not recommend UXO school to anyone with UXO connections though.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Apr 11, 2013
UXO Career Decision
by: Steve Cassidy

Once you decide to make a career in UXO you then need to decide where to go to school.

I appreciate the comment above where only 2 of a class has found work.

If you are going to UXO school, do yourself a favor and go to TEEX.

The guys that are hiring have witnessed first hand the quality of (or lack of) training.

No one wants to hire someone that they then have to train what a Schonstedt is.

Spend the extra money and go to TEEX! It costs less than any state university and you'll make more money.

Apr 11, 2013
uxo school
by: Anonymous

My husband went to UXO Global and has worked steadily (only a month off at a time at max) since he graduated school.

There are so many Tech ones right now looking for work it doesn't matter where you go to school there will be Tech I's with more job experience than you, or a tech one that knows someone already working for the company and they will get the job over you.

That is the cold hard truth about the UXO field.

Just like jobs can start and end with almost zero notice. My husband is in Hawaii right now and he found out on Friday evening that he was going and had to leave Saturday morning.

Be prepared for things like that before you decide you want to be in this field. As a tech one you need to be ready to take any job that's thrown at you because if you don't there is someone else who will.

Apr 12, 2013
Where to go to UXO school
by: Steve Cassidy


Thank you for your reply. I must point out one mistake in your comment. It really does matter where you go to UXO school.

Congratulations on your husband's success after graduating somewhere other than TEEX. Some people are going to be successful regardless of their circumstances.

As a SUXOS and Safety/QC I've seen first hand what comes out of other schools. It's not pretty!

I have also owned a UXO company so I know how proper training benefits the corporation and poor training is a financial pit.

In addition, I am also an EOD Tech. I'm one of the few that supports the UXO Techs and them being in the industry.

I feel quite certain, based on my experience and backgrounds, it does matter where you go to school.

If you're looking for guaranteed work in the explosives world, raise your right hand and get into EOD School.

I will no longer post any comments from Anonymous contributors as this is designed to be informative and helpful.

Jul 10, 2013
a couple of questions
by: soon to be uxo tech1

I will begin UXO tech1 training at TEEX in two months. I live in Anniston AL where Fort McClellan (a non active military base) is located. From what i hear Fort McClellan is riddled with unexploded ordinance and every time Ive searched "UXO" on indeed.com in the past six months i find UXO job listings on Fort McClellan. Would i be any more likely to get hired to work there because i live in the same city and wouldnt require a rental car or hotel? I am also married and would like to spend as much time with my wife as possible. Has anyone ever brought their wife on a work trip? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 27, 2013
Living next to UXO Site
by: Steve Cassidy

Great question! Fort McClellan is riddled with unexploded ordnance!

As you're a resident of Anniston, AL you will be hired more quickly as you won't be paid Per Diem like all the Techs that have to MOB in to the area to live.

In general, if you live within 50-55 miles of the job site, you won't receive Per Diem. Companies like that as they are making money by billing for the Per Diem but not paying it to you.

(Open Flat Rate/Partial Per Diem Can of Worms)

I believe you will have a long successful career working with many types of ordnance.

I do hope that you spend your first 3 years there to get your UXO II and then get on the road. You'll have more experience that folks doing the job for 10 years and you'll enjoy the benefit of all that Per Diem which is tax free money.

If you really want to make great money, start buying houses and renting them to UXO Techs that are working there.

Many spouses go along on jobs and even some spouses go to UXO school doubling there Per Diem.

Aug 03, 2013
thats great! but a couple of more questions...
by: soon to be uxo tech1

Thanks for the feedback Steve! Thats great news because that would be sooooooo much easier of a career transition than getting on the road immediately with a basically empty bank account to support myself after uxo training. As of right now im a way underpaid insulation installer that hardly breaks $1000 a month whos sick of dead end corporate jobs. Im joining the dark side and can hardly wait another minute! But i woukd like to know if as a tech 1 i will be getting overtime or not... If anyone can give me a ballpark of what i might bring in a week as a tech 1 and as a tech 2 in a few years that would be ever so enlightening! Also since i wont recieve per diem living near the range does that also mean i wont be riembursed for fuel?

Nov 14, 2015
UXO and marriage.
by: Suzette

Hello everyone,
I stumbled upon this job while reading an article about jobs most people aren't aware of. I'm a woman. I'm married. I'm 23 as of the 29th of this month. I have no idea what I should do or where to start so forgive me if I seem ill informed or naïve. First, my marriage is very important to me. I'm interested in UXO but being away from my husband for three months or more at a time sounds terrible. Do you know of any married couples who work together on the grid? Do you know anything that might help me better decide if this is something I should Perdue in regards to family life, moving around and such. Thank you so much and be well.

Nov 18, 2015
Married and UXO
by: UXO wife

I know lots of couples that work together on the grid!!

If your husband is already established in the UXO field I think it would be a great move to go to school. My husband went to UXO school 6 years ago and I really wish I had gone with him, schools have gotten so much more expensive since then!

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