UXO Slow Time

by Terry Fortune
(Fulton Ms)

Steve, Is there a UXO slow time of the year jobs?

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Feb 01, 2012
UXO Slow Time of Year
by: Steve Cassidy


Thank you for your question and hopefully I can address the UXO Slow Time of Year.

The biggest slow time in all of government contracting is around Christmas. Literally, the government shuts down 2 weeks prior and doesn't actually ramp back up until just after New Years'.

All offices go to skeleton crews as government workers get substantial vacation time every year. If there at skeleton crews, they don't want a bunch of UXO Techs running around a base unsupervised.

Winter is winter. It's hard to dig if the ground is frozen. Even is the South it gets very cold. It was 14 degrees for about a week in South Carolina a couple of years ago.

There's work available in the winter but you will need to be diligent in finding a spot.

Honestly, I like the slow down as I want to be home for Christmas with my family. I turned down work in Libya last year out of not wanting to be gone going into the holidays. The team was home before Christmas but I had a great time being home or working here in the States.

The important lesson from this is to budget accordingly. You'll make great money on the grid but you have to put some aside for winter. From Proverbs to proven economic formulas, Make hay while the sun shines...It's no fun rolling into Christmas without money for expenses let alone presents.

Since Globally Employable is not just about being a UXO Tech, what other skill sets do you have to make you more marketable?

I highly recommend becoming a Red Cross Instructor or starting an online business of some type or even a strategic partnership with a company where you are a Subject Matter Expert and are compensated for generating sales and revenue.

I personally have many companies that compensate me when I refer them business. Being an UXO Tech will help you as you have one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Don't blow it by dressing poorly.

Be articulate and professional at all times.

Look at the safety-related background we all have. Maybe there's a safety supply company, home security company, etc. that you can help. Don't look for a salary or base. Pure commission should get you at least a 25% of the gross amount of the sale.

If anyone needs any ideas in their particular market, drop me a line on here, the FAQ or use the Contact Me and I'll do my best to help.

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