UXO Tech I School in Canada or TEEX

I am located in British Columbia, Canada. The University of New Brunswick in Eastern Canada offers UXO TECH 1 Program.

This meets Canadian DoD requirements and DDESB TP 18. This meets Canadian DoD requirements and DDESB TP 18.

Right now its a toss-up between UNB and TEEX for the UXO TECH 1. Is HAZWOPER required to work in CONUS and OCONUS because of OSHA? UNB's program is longer(5 week) than TEEX at Texas A&M UXO Tech 1 Course (4 week) or is TEEX not factoring in the field practical?

Thank You for answering my questions.

Sincerest Regards,

Kurt Kennedy

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Jan 27, 2012
Canadian UXO or TEEX
by: Steve Cassidy


Thank you for your questions. I'll do my best to answer those completely.

The HAZWOPER is mandatory for all work overseen by the US Army Corps of Engineers and others.

It's kind of an OSHA regulation but it's seems more of some US federal agencies running around patting each other on the back to justify their salaries!

There is little in the HAZWOPER that will really help you. If you don't have the common sense that is in HAZWOPER, you won't make it in UXO class.

I like TEEX and am only familiar with UNB not ever having worked with one of their grads.

I have worked with Canadian Navy EOD in the 90's and they were good to go. I hope there is a Canadian version of Ed Fritz!

I know the market and the Supervisors here in the States. With that if your focus is working here, I'd definitely go to TEEX.

If you're looking at doing work outside the US and Canada, you're going to need the demining course that is taught at TEEX. I'm not sure if UNB offers it.

If you're working in Iraq or Afghanistan, you'll be overseen by USACE and you'll have to have your HAZWOPER too. There is no escape!

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me anytime and let me know where you're going.

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