UXO Training Prices

by Jared Fielder
(Bryan, TX, USA)

You have a great website! I really enjoy looking and reading everything that I can on UXO/ HDT. I too am a veteran and currently going to school on Chapter 31. I have been talking to the the TEEX UXO school here in Texas where I am from. However, my VA Counselor will not approve of me changing my degree to go into UXO.

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I have been looking at the pricing of all the training programs and were they are offered. I notice that at Globally Employable you reference TEEX. Which is great and I also notice that you are in a different State. Is this the same TEEX that is from Texas?

Sorry to keep bothering you but as a second language speaker (Russian). I do not see or hear of any books that are on ordnance from other countries. I know that in EOT 215 a class from TEEX they talk about all the US Ordnance and explosives. However, I know that when you are overseas sometimes you run in to little things that are not made in America so to say.

Any good pointers in reading up on world ammunition and explosives? I have searched the internet looking for books in the language that I speak as a second language. Also not to praise or try to get people to run out and buy books on UXO. But I like to read all that I can on this subject and hope that one day I will be able to make a UXO class. I have EOD manuals from the DOD and other sources. Is it good to read these books/ materials before going to a UXO class?

Does TEEX offer guidance to graduates of the course who wish to work overseas as far as what companies to apply to?

Thanks and I hope that I have not taken up to much of your time.


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Jan 22, 2012
UXO Foreign Ordnance
by: Steve Cassidy


Thank you for your great questions. I'll do my best to answer them completely.

The TEEX I speak of on Globally Employable is the one in Bryan, TX. Ed and Christy run the best program.

If you're working on your degree, I can see that the VA would not also cover UXO training. First, I encourage you to do both the degree and the UXO Certification.

Depending on how far along you are with your degree would dictate if you should take UXO now or to wait.

If you're close to being finished with your degree, finish it!

If you have a ways to go, UXO would be good work between semesters and during the summer.

You speak Russian and that's great! I've been saying for a while if you really want to be Globally Employable, you need to speak at least one other language.

To work with UXO OCONUS, you'll need to take the demining course at TEEX after you finish UXO. Seems like a lot of studying but compared to 4-5 years for a degree and not being Globally Employable, it makes sense.

TEEX has someone in house to assist you on the international side.

There's a lot more out there than US made air-dropped ordnance. Landmines in Bosnia come to mind. I spent 3 years in and out of there.

Reference material for non-US ordnance shouldn't be too hard to find but you shouldn't find render-safe-procedures as they're usually classified.

I do believe I have someone I can introduce you to that could help. His name is Oleg Smoljak.

While you're on Facebook seeing his work, please "Like Us" by clicking the icon at the top or bottom of the page.

I do not have foreign ordnance publications available but I do have the UXO Student guide on DVD. Use the "Contact Me" to go offline to discuss it.

I hope this answered your questions. Of course always feel free to respond to this thread or start another question.

Thanks. I know our readers appreciate the input as much as I do.

Globally Employable!


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