UXO work either in Western Europe or the Middle East?

by Peter Liggett
(Clifton, New Jersey)

When I say Western Europe, I mean working in either previous or current NATO bases or possibly areas were battles were fought during WWI and WWII.

Also, the Middle East could mean, Arab states such as Jordan, Lebanon and friendly Arab countries or those involved in the LOGCAP Project, Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait.

Also, would the companies involved be a combination of the larger defense contractors, such as KBR, Fluor, and Dyncorp. And the smaller groups such as EOD Technologies (EODT)?

Lastly, would other security oriented skills, such as computer network firewall installation and data encryption, enhance ones hiring probability, especially in the larger firms, or are these skills far too separate to be considered in an overall hiring determination?

Thanks for any information, you can provide.

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Aug 14, 2012
UXO work in Western Europe and Middle East
by: Steve Cassidy

Great set of questions and I will do my best to address UXO work in Western Europe and Middle East.

Let's draw the line of Western and East Europe on the lines of the former USSR. There is a lot of work going on in the former Yugoslavia. Generally to be working over there, you'll need IMAS Level II or III.

The former Yugoslavia is a beautiful part of the world and coastal Croatia has become one of the hottest vacation destinations for Europeans.

In Western Europe, there remains a UXO problem in that 400 pounds NEW are pulled up every day. Some of the munitions date back to the French-Prussian War. Great history there but I believe the local military EOD teams take care of the response.

As I've been saying for years, you need to add additional qualifications to your resume every month or year.

Just being an UXO Tech isn't going to get you what you need to work in the former hot spots. You're competing with EOD Techs that spent years there so you have to continually ask, "What more can I bring?"

In addressing the specific IT skill sets, I believe that you could pull double duty for the right company.

You could go over for an IT related position and use the UXO qualification to give them the warm and fuzzy that you can provide some degree of safety to the staff. If a mortar lands here, we need to be this far away...

Your IT skills will help you on the UXO as there are some old-school boys out there that didn't have the benefit of growing up with computers.


Aug 14, 2012
UXO work in Western Europe and Middle East Part II
by: Steve Cassidy

I work with guys that were Techs in Vietnam. Great guys but the technology is too far ahead of them.

If you can write reports, run GPS, upload GPS data, de-frag the hard drive, you'll have a better chance than those that cannot.

All current UXO Techs need to be able to use Microsoft Word and Excel at a minimum. Take an Excel course. We do offer a beginners course with lifetime access from any computer and a 30 day money back guarantee!

In being more employable (than your competition), let's not forget additional languages.

"But I can't learn another language." Well that's a load of crap! You learned the language that is used in the UXO industry. Hopefully, you learned the language of Love.

Learning Arabic, Farsi, Urdu or French is no different! The problem is that no one ever told you that you already speak multiple languages.

Think about it. Every unique skill set has its' own vocabulary.

Look down the left hand side of this site and click on "Language." Print off one of the PDF's and find someone that speaks the language you want to learn. I promise you that if you search out for someone that speaks Farsi, French or Arabic, they will help you fill in the blanks.

Add all of the IT-related quals that you can.

Don't feel like you have to actually have a certificate to prove you know how to do something. I know CFO's of publicly traded companies that are not CPA's.

Peter, again, great question. I know this will help our readers. Drop me a line on the Contact Me if there's anything I can do to help you.


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