what is the quickest training highest paying job

by Steve Cassidy
(Globally Employable)

What's the quickest training for highest paying job? I am asked this all the time and which is why I built Globally Employable.

I can tell you it isn't college!

I personally have 2 favorite ways that you can make money quickly. A lot of money.

If you go to college and get a degree what do you realistically expect to be paid? Hold that number in your head.

If you're a Primary Care Physician, you've gone to school for 4 year of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school and 3 years of internship. Let's not forget that after you finish your internship, you have to study to become Board Certified!

11 years of extremely difficult training which is also 11 years of making little to no money.

An Internist is going to make between $90 and ...I'll be generous, $120,000 a year.

Take your first number that you realistically make coming out after 4 years of college and the $120,000 that a doc makes.

Now you do know you'll have to pay taxes on the income described above? Doc makes $120,000 but pays between $40,000 and $60,000 depending on what state you're in.

How about 4 weeks of training and you make more than the doc? "Impossible!" you say?

No, it's not and it happens for a lot of folks all the time.

Take a look at the upper left side of this site where it says, "Bomb Tech" and I'll show you in detail how you can be trained in 4 weeks to make more than a doctor. Best part is, not all of your income is taxable!

Don't have 4 weeks? Make Money Now!"

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