who has the best uxo tech school

Who has the best UXO tech school?

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Sep 19, 2011
Which is the best UXO school
by: Steve Cassidy

Which is the best UXO school?

My personnel belief is NAVSCOLEOD. Bar none. If you really want to be a subject matter expert in ordnance, there is no substitute.

Unfortunately, it's not always an option and I'll be the first to admit that I was very lucky to be accepted to the Navy EOD program and extremely blessed to make it through the program.

So outside of NAVSCOLEOD, we have two options, TEEX and UXO Global.

As a SUXOS and Safety QC, I can see the difference in how well new Techs are prepared. With that in mind, I'll be the first to say, "It's not where you start, it's where you finish that counts."

I do like TEEX. There's a continuity you get by having Ed Fritz as the instructor for every class. I don't know the instructors at UXO Global.

They might be great guys. I just don't know them.

I'd make the analogy that you can get an MBA from any school but Harvard is the best and one of the most expensive.

If you have a Harvard MBA, you're hired!

If you believe in yourself and become a student of the UXO industry, you'll succeed regardless of where you go to school.

If you read this and are asking yourself about going to NAVSCOLEOD, then good! Get your butt there. At the end of the day, you'll know what I mean.

Oct 09, 2011
You don't have many options, but....
by: Erin Marshall

I have heard good things about UXO Global. The above comments regarding TEEX are encouraging but I know nothing about them.

I agree with the above.... there's no equal to NAVSCOLEOD. I didn't get to complete my training there due to a severe injury, but what I learned was beyond explanation. If you really want to be the best tech you can be, go military EOD. If you want to stay on the civilian side of things, which I can understand, I'd recommend doing some research on UXO Global and TEEX....

I know UXO Global isn't cheap. They do, however, accept VA Ed Benefits now. Which is nice for me!

Oct 12, 2011
by: Steve Cassidy

Erin, Thank you for your contribution to the site. I appreciate the time you took to do that.

Sorry to hear about your injury but I'm glad you at least made it there. Most don't get that far.

Jason Marks, featured on this site under Success Stories was injured during EOD Dive School and has gone on to experience great success across a broad spectrum of professions...we call it multiple streams of income.

I was curious to see if you made it through Phase I EOD? Phase II starts with Ground Division.

Please contact me through, well, the "Contact Me" as I'd like to hear more of your story.


Mar 18, 2012
UXO School
by: Jim

Hello I was curious you did not mention the UXO program offered through the Univ. of Tennessee.

For the record I have no connections in the state of Tennessee, just curious if you had any knowledge of their program or opinnion?

Currently I'm a HVAC foreman working in Afghanistan with 28 years of experience, Master license, Universal Certification, NACI etc...

Worked in Iraq also all LogCap projects. A long ways from my home in south Mississippi.

Apr 18, 2012
uxo tech school
by: Anonymous

I really wouldn't recommend UXO Global to any person looking to become a Tech I. With the previous instructor leaving and I am sure for a good reason, the education will not be the same.

I am posting this anon. for a reason and hopefully this will help others decide on a school. Relyant is putting on a program in Tennessee so that may be another option but I personally have no idea how the program is.

Cassidy makes a strong point, it isn't where you begin, it's where you end and I live by this motto.

Aug 25, 2012
Very important questions about the UXO Field
by: Gator

I live around Knoxville Tn. and heard about UXO a few years ago. I have been waiting until the little ones are in school before I go after this career and now that I am almost there I am having a hard time finding out some answers to a few questions? Any help would be great.

1. Is the training from UT just as good as TEEX?

2. As I will be a contractor, would I accept jobs from different companies instead of working for just one?

3. As a contractor will I have to find my own private insurance/retirement etc.?

4. As I will have to save up for living money during the training and after because I would have quit my job, how long would I estimate being without work after completing the training from UT?

5. Are there plenty of over seas jobs?

6. What type of Math skills, ect. should I brush up on to be ready for the training?

7. Most important, where can I find a website to educate myself on all these types of questions as I am sure I will have about 10 more as soon as I post this?

Aug 25, 2012
UXO School Clarification
by: Steve Cassidy


Thanks for the great questions. Most of what you're looking for is under the FAQ section with is the fourth down from the top on the left.

I'll address you questions by how you numbered them.

1. I'm not sure. The previous UT school was no where near close to being as good as TEEX. As they are new under Relyant, I would not put my hard earned money on those chances. Why? Because I am an active SUXOS and I talk with all the other SUXOS about who's good and who's not...including the schools.

I also speak with the folks hiring. I can promise you they are tired of dealing with the level of incompetence coming out of all of the schools with the exception of TEEX.

2. You are not a contractor. You are a temporary(in most cases) W-2 employee. This is to protect the customer and you. Worker's comp and all that mess.

2a. Work for what ever companies that have the work when you're available. The SUXOS and the PM's know you have to feed your family. Let them know when you're available and if they have a contract coming up, they'll probably put you back on a job.

3. Due to tax law changes in 1984 under ERISA, Employment Retirement Insurance Security Act, you're basically on your own. This is not unique to UXO. Big boy rules apply here. Save your money despite how cool that truck or Harley is.

4. Always have a Plan B. It's not the UXO companies that decide on when the work is. It's the customer which in most cases is USACE, US Army Corps of Engineers as it's decided by funding. Turn on CNBC and listen about the economy. Again, Plan B.

5. You'll need more that a UXO certificate for OCONUS UXO work. Plan on taking the Demining Course at TEEX after you've finished the UXO training at TEEX. I think everyone see where my finger is pointing... Texas!

6. Basic math is fine. Addition is probably all you'll need. I haven't seen a calculator on the grid yet.

7. This is the best website for all of the no BS info you'll need before going to school. Click on the FAQ to your left.

Aug 26, 2012
Absolutely wonderful
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for the detailed and quick response. I will begin reading the FAQ and working overtime to save money for the school in TX at once. (Oh, if only there were a PELL grant or student loan for training like there is for school.)

Aug 26, 2012
UXO School Student Loan
by: Steve Cassidy

Make sure you take advantage of all of the ways to enter to win my TEEX UXO School Giveaway. All of the details are on the right side of every page on Globally Employable.

Dec 24, 2013
Felony conviction
by: Anonymous

Can a person with a felony become a UXO Tech? I received a felony in 2009 for a car accident while under the influence of alcohol. This question was used to start a new thread under the FAQ.

Felony and UXO

Mar 10, 2014
UXO Schools
by: Terry Collins

I wanted to comment on this chain add my two cents worth. I am a little biased towards the UT/RELYANT UXO School because I am the Director of RELYANT's MMRP and occasionally an instructor in the classes.

First I would like to say I believe the three schools do a great job preparing students for the industry. Are the students EOD experts when they graduate? No and EOD techs are not much better at UXO clearance when they graduate EOD school and just about the same skill level for using technology to perform complete UXO clearance and HTRW as the UXO techs are when they graduate one of the courses.

I take pride in providing a course for veterans to use their benefits to better their lives and for non-veterans to gain a new experience.

My goal is to provide a curriculum that is applicable to the industry and particularly train staff to be ready to work from day one and supply PMs, SUXOS, and Team Leaders with competent staff. Safe, efficient, and dependable.

As far as who is the best I suggest it comes down to who is the best for you. Where is the school located? How far do you have to travel from your home of record? What is hotel and meals cost in the area?

The one thing I believe that separates our course is that RELYANT performs the work and not just teaches. This is not a hit on the others who do a great job providing the training. We are accredited as a Demining organization by UNMAS and have projects going or completed in the US, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

So if our course fits your needs give it a shot. We teach the same course material and provide the same DDESB TP 18 certificate along with a UN accredited IMAS certificate.

Nov 06, 2014
Family Life
by: Anonymous

Wondering how this profession affects other aspects of your life? Seems like you travel a lot? Can you have a family while in this profession?

Feb 22, 2015
Is 46 too old to start in this career field?
by: Anonymous

Been a disabled veteran for the past 14 years. Is being married with kids a bad fit for this field if away rom home all the time? Thank you.

Mar 04, 2015
Family and UXO Work
by: Steve Cassidy

Deciding to enter the UXO field when you have a wife and family is a decision to be made.

Many in the military are married with children and serving in Afghanistan as well as other austere environments. It's a choice that's not always easy.

UXO work is based primarily in the US so being able to respond to the needs of the family is much easier as compared to serving in the military.

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