Work with Explosives

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You can work with explosives and begin making better money blowing things up than your buddies who have their normal job.

Warning!  This web site may just get you killed!  But then you're dying a slow painful death driving to and from a job you hate anyway.
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Digging up Unexploded Ordnance may not be your thing but what about getting paid to blow up earth and rock for mining and construction?

You can get your ATF Explosives Permit or License and make a great living.

  1. Learn explosives handling, safety and blasting basics.
  2. Understand laws and regulations of explosives.
  3. Only 2 days of training!  One day of classroom and one day of blasting!
  4. Conveniently located in Oregon.
Tannerite M2 Lightning Powder blast to create a wildlife fish pond
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What You Will Learn Day 1

Federal and state managing agencies                        

Explosive categories                                            

Explosive materials                                

Detonators/Initiators, caps and fuses                             

Applications of detonators and explosives                   

ANFO and boosters                                                            

Safety and security issues                                                

Licensing and permit requirements                                     

Storage requirements

Stick of dynamite properly capped
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What You'll Bang! 
Day 2

Blasting caps
Applying caps & explosives
Using boosters

What You'll Receive!

A Certificate of Completion suitable for framing!

16 of the best Hours of training where you get to blow things up!

Assistance getting your ATF Permits and License.

New doors of employment opened so that you can escape the rat race, quit driving to and from a job you hate and knowledge you're doing something most people will never get to do!

ANFO vs Stump.  ANFO Wins!
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What Are You Waiting For?

The next class is June 8 & 9.  That's a Saturday and Sunday so you won't miss much of that crappy job you have now.  This class will sell out!

Find out how you can quickly get trained to work with explosives by filling out the form below!

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